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Enjoy ReMo, our Reputation Monitor!

The soul: Web Platform

SOCIAL COUNTER web platform analyzes aggregates and elaborates data to supply in real time information aiming to increase the companies’ brand reputation. Data could come from social networks, analytics, ERP or other similar sources.

The Social Counter platform is a marketing tool useful to track the corporate developments. The feedback coming from Social Networks and the analytics’ information can be used for internal or extenal marketing, all the feedback are reported on the screen by the platform according to the customizing settings decided proviously.

Due to the poweful capabilities of the platform, you can monitor and analyzes the aggregates data in a very simple dashboard.


ReMo: REputation MOnitor


ReMo is a Technological device, which is able to represent the real-time data from the SOCIALCOUNTER platform, aggregating the feeds coming from social networks, erp on analytics portal.

From matter, the elegance

ReMo is a charming, eye-catcher device, according to the tradiction of italian fashion; ReMo can be used both in front-office and in back-office environments, it can be placed in every public space as a restaurant, an hotel, a commercial space but also in a reception, in the chairmanís office, in a meeting or in a conference room.

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